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China Slim Tea is a 100% pure and natural herbal tea. This special herbal formula is uniquely blended from the highest quality herbs, whose values have been established and tested in the Orient for centuries.

Contents : 36 tea bags

Net Weight: 3.17oz / 90 gr.

No Caffeine

Directions : Pour one cup (8 fl. oz) of hot water over one tea bag and let steep for 2 minutes. Do not over-steep. Drink one cup a day after meal. Honey may be added to sweeten the taste.

Ingredients: Senna leaf; Folium sennae; Tinnevelly Senna; Cassia Angustifolia Vahl; Panax quinquefolium; Radix Panacis Quinquwfolii; Malva Verticellata; Fructus Malvae


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