Es Kelapa Muda

(Young Coconut Iced Drink)

Ingredients :
2-3 young coconuts in the can
1 litre coconut water
ice cubes
Cocopandan Marjan Bouduin syrup
500cc water

Mix coconut flesh, coconut water and syrup.
Serve in glasses and add ice cubes.


Ayam BaladoAyam BaladoAyam balado is chicken marinated overnight in Indonesian herbs, grilled or braised, then served with balado sauce. Balado is a ind of sambal/chili sauce that originates from West Sumatra made from chili, tomatoes, and other spices.

An order consists of three pieces of homemade Ayam Balado (drumsticks or thighs) in a vacuum-sealed package.

Net Weight: about 1lb 4oz

Please re-freeze homemade foods immediately after receiving. For the best taste, thaw completely and take out of the vacuum-pack before heating and serving.

Ayam Balado