Gula Jawa (Palm Sugar)

Palm sugar is a traditional ingredient in Indonesian and South-East Asian cuisine. The brown-colored sugar offers the same sweetness with the depth of caramel and a hint of coconut. Because of its lower glycemic index, it is a superior alternative to white, cane sugar.

Use anywhere cane sugar is normally used. It melts easily in soups, curries, and sauces. Grate over cakes (such as creme brulee) to make a beautiful crust. Sprinkle over popcorn for a spectacular caramel. We like to drink our coffee with gula jawa instead of imitation sugar or white cane sugar.

This comes as a cylindrical brick, but it is soft enough to be crushed by hand or pestle. Or, use a grater.

Ingredients: palm sugar
Net weight : 0.55 lb (8.8 oz)
Product of Indonesia

ASLI - Gula Jawa (Palm Sugar)

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