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Kacang Atom Dua Kelinci/Kacang Shanghai/Coated Peanuts - OUT OF STOCK

These crunchy coated peanuts make a fantastic snack for any time of the day. The white skin coating is made from tapioca flour. It's a classic taste based on traditional recipes from Indonesia.

Ingredients: Selected peanuts, salt, tapioca flour, sugar, garlic

Net weight 225gr/7oz

Kacang Atom Dua Kelinci
05DuaKelinci $3.00Sale Price $1.50

Sekoteng Ginger Drink - OUT OF STOCKSekoteng Ginger Drink - OUT OF STOCKSekoteng (Instant Ginger Drink)
A sweet ginger drink that'll warm you up on cold days. Just open up a sachet, pour it into a cup, add boiling water, and it's ready to drink. Each sachet comes with colorful, thin jelly pieces. Ingredients : Ginger, cane sugar, mung bean flour.

07SekotengGinger $2.35Sale Price $2.00
Silver Queen Chocolate Bar - Chunky FlavorsSilver Queen Chocolate Bar - Chunky FlavorsMilk Chocolate with generous chunks of your favorite nuts. 3.5 oz

We also have Silver Queen Almond! (2.4oz)