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Medan-Style Peanuts (Kacang Medan) - OUT OF STOCK

Tapioca flour coated peanuts with distinctive coating texture.

Ingredients: peanut, tapioca flour, eggs, palm oil, garlic, salt, spices

Weight: 100 gr.
Rotary brand


Dodol Garut PICNIC - OUT OF STOCKDodol Garut PICNIC - OUT OF STOCKDodol Garut Picnic is the famous sweet sticky rice flour snack in Indonesia.The distinctly creamy, nutty rice flavor melts in your mouth. Individually wrapped with care.

Ingredients: gelatinous rice, coconut, sugar, milk, cocoa powder, sasame, butter, vegetable oil and vanilla.

Net Weight: 16 oz / 1 lb.

Product of Indonesia