You can find sambal (chili-based sauces) on virtually every Indonesian dining table.

Indonesians do not feel that their meals are complete unless sambal is included. It is like ketchup for Americans.

There are many types of sambal in different islands, but most recipes include chilies (in the US, Thai chilies are used), lime juice, sugar, and salt crushed together using a mortar and pestle. Our favorites have terasi (belachan, shrimp paste in Malay) and daun jeruk purut (kaffir lime leaves).

If you don't have time to make it from scratch, bottled Sambal ABC is very popular:
  • Sambal ABC (Extra Hot)
  • Sambal ABC (Hot and Sweet)
  • Sambal ABC (Tropical / Asli)

Also from the Cap Ibu brand:
  • Sambal Balado
  • Sambal Bakso
  • Sambal Hijau
  • Sambal Hijau Terasi
  • Sambal Bajak
  • Sambal Terasi
  • Sambal Cobek Terasi
  • Sambal Terasi Tomat
  • Sambal Terasi Tomat Merah
  • Sambal Terasi Tomat Hijau